Sunday, March 13, 2005

Of Snakes, Shagohods, Shalashaska and SPOILERS

Sorry for not updating in a while...god knows who i'm apologising to. Myself? Cause i kinda promised myself that i would keep this blog regular, well at least i'm making the effort and not ditching it, at least not yet.
Guess i was kinda inspired to write this blog by a awesome game, and a game that anybody who in their right mind would play if they'd already played the first two.

That game is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The sheer spectacle of the dream of Hideo Kojima completely makes up for the mediocre second installment, returning to the awe-inducing, jaw dropping and pulse racing formula of the first that made it so popular. I call myself a gamer, although not really a ######## one. But this is the first game that has kept me up till 2am on two occasions simply because i couldnt tear myself away from the screen and the controller.

Kudos Hideo, another job well done. I'm currently listening to the Asian Kung-Fu Generation's Haruka Kanata and getting rather riled at their unavilabiluity outside of Asia. they're a fore-running Japanese punk band who deserve any attention they get. Thanks for their attention goes to Naruto, who used said song as an intro.

I think i've ranted enough tonight. Peace or whatever...


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