Sunday, March 20, 2005


Dear Sir or Madam,

It has come to the attention of the modern world that the internet is a versatile but dangerous tool to use and the RIAA is doing its best to keep it so that the artists who produce the music we love are paid dutifully. Musicians work long minutes to create the songs we put onto our MP3 players from CD collections or illegally download from peer 2 peer networks.

Of course the latter is morally wrong isn't it? And the former can only be attributed with Satan himself who fills the internet with propaganda promoting people to pirate CDs and download the latest version of Kazaa or iMesh.

But i digress, the real topic i wish to communicate is the one that the RIAA are wallet-raping money-####### who want my hard earned cash to pump into needlessly expensive corporate meetings and back into the pockets of multi-millionaire artists who obviously need the extra pocket change. Banning iPods? Video recorders? MP3 players? What next,the internet? Computers? Breathing? To me the whole idea of trying to control something like the internet is similar to trying to restrain a rabid dog with dental floss. And the way you managed to sue a 9-year old girl? Real big of you there, we know who has the balls in that industry.

Lets see how far we can take this shall we? Peer2peer networking is illegal (wrong) because it infringes copywrite laws (wrong again)making piracy easier. iPods are also in hand of this due to the fact they promote downloading tracks illegally (heard of iTunes lately?) along with all forms of recording technology (not my betamax surely!).Because of this the RIAA is compelled to exclusively and individually sue everyone who has ever used peer2peer networking for downloadingsongs. Of course, this is going to detract from the income of artists who are earning millions from songs that they performed once and then made copies of using OH, WHATS THIS, RECORDING EQUIPMENT! God BlessAmerica My British Arse.

And so i salute you, RIAA, for having the surgically enhancedcorporate balls to go ahead and try to even dent something as free andliberated as the internet.The internet was born of freedom and the ability to access anythingand everything. So go ahead RIAA, sue me, sue me you big corporate motherfuckers!

Sincerley yours,

John "Sue me!" Doe


Loved the Induce Act by the way, i look forward to rectally violating you with it when Congress rejects it in a few months time!


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