Monday, December 20, 2004

Giving in

I gave in today, i gave into her and whatever she wanted to keep some normality in life. As little as that might be. But still who knows whats for the best, we can only wait and hope for the best whether we know if the future is looking dark or not.

On a lighter note my PC design has finished and if anything it can only go down in 5 months time. Another possibility is that in 5 months time a grand will get me a flashier PC. Either will suit me perfectly and i can cross those bridges when i get to them. Saving up the money is my main priority i guess. My next paycheck will be slightly fatter than the one i got last time around. Regular pay + £57 tax rebate + overtime pay = one step closer.

AAAAnd to put a downer on the post i have to goto a presentation evening tonight. Where they rant at us for an hour or two till we fall asleep or it finishes about our GCSE results or something. I dont think my parents have even remembered, they still havnt asked for my school report yet. They might get is christmas 2006...maybe...


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